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October 10, 2022

Unique Mystique

a la Greta Garbo
I want to be alone

I want to be left alone

just stay away ok?

lone wolf but not some kind of psycho

a drop in the ocean, but not like any of the other drops

I work hard to maintain a unique mystique

love to write and I have a right

to spend time alone in the woods or on just inside

companionship is a ship that always sinks in the end

if you can count on yourself

you don’t need to count on anybody

Thoreau had it right when he said (paraphrasing)

that he found it wholesome to be alone most of his time

even the best company wears you out 

and that he loved to be alone

I say that in a little cabin with a desk and a fireplace and a bed

what else do you need?

if you still want to get to know me

get to know my poetry

it’ll tell you more about me than I ever could