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January 23, 2022

New Orleans

flying into Louis Armstrong airport, engine revved of good times ahead
hello nola, hello dolly

long music-laden nights, days of urban exploration 

New Orleans has some fascinating old cemeteries I’m just dying to visit

houses of voodoo and black magic

must remember to pace myself tonight

there’s a lot of bars I wanna hit, a lot of notes to be heard

it was a hot, airless night, but I didn’t care…

I was on Bourbon Street listening to cool jazz, hot jazz, fusion jazz

I don’t know what it is jazz, dixieland, cover bands

so much music, so little time

I wish Al Hirt and Pete Fountain were still around

either the night ended or the morning began, I”m not sure


drinking copious amounts of coffee this morning in quaint french quarter coffee houses

in an attempt to revive myself////tired, so tired

I look so poor, the panhandlers leave me alone

the ancient gnarled trees draping themselves over Lake Pontchartrain; 

witness to much I’m sure

stayin’ out of the infamous bayou I’ve heard so much about

might go in and not come out

trolley car back to bourbon the liquor will flow

another night of jazz under the stars and in the bars

all good things must come to an end and so it did 

on a blurry rain splattered evening in the Old Absinthe House

I don’t want to go home, but it will be nice to get there

traveling is fun, but it’s always relaxing to lay in your own messed up bed again