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October 23, 2021

Be My Lighthouse

the world today is stranger danger
the evil unknown around every corner

usually menacing///untrustworthy 

jaded hearts can never be happy

I just wanted to hit the road, didn’t care what road it was

this nomad life was wearing me down but it was the only way to go as far as I was concerned

I was tired of seeking the truth, I was prepared to take things at face value for a change

I knew what wasn’t true but I just didn’t care anymore

by the dark of the moon, I headed out of town head down

sleep by day, prowl by night...that’s my M.O.

I ran out of water to drink, it was a good thing I had my flask with me

the path into the forest was frightening yet inviting

lucky stars, be with me tonight in this unforgiving wilderness

the only thing that was more bitter than my coffee was my outlook 

the soul is a place with no roadmap

it’s easy to be cold in this world with good reason

like a ship lost in the fog, I desperately searched for someone who would be my lighthouse

shine your light on me babe

I’m a wanderer -- that’s what I do -- I wander

up in the mountains, nothing knows your name and you can be yourself

walking in the snow was magical and the years and the cynicism fell away

the future is usually either opaque or all too clear