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April 20, 2021

Winter Inhabits My Soul

winter inhabits my soul wherever that is
whatever it is — if it even exists at all

I can identify with its icyness 

icicles in my heart, in my blood

sing the blues from the quivering ocean 

wave after wave / unceasing 

no one else dared the elements 

mercury, palladium, cobalt, god knows what else

spirit rising into the gray blanket of a sky 

drifting further and further away from this crazy house 

over the sea that I could barely see

into a milky white nothingness 

//////     //////

found peace on that windswept beach on a cold cold day

I could hear a ship in the fog searching for home

foghorn speaking of desperation 

it started to drizzle, a drizzle of coldness and loneliness 

with any luck it’ll turn to flurries

Alas, I returned to reality 

I grew wet and cold and in need of love

shuffled up to the beachside restaurant / closed

the bar down the street was open and warm and dry

bourbons hug was warm and affectionate 

from my counter seat I wondered what had happened to that ship

wondered about the men aboard

what kinds of lives they led

silly things to think about I suppose 

all the time wishing I was like them

laughably from the comfortable confines of a warm pub

the rain had turned to snow

my soul grew colder and I rejoiced in it