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January 17, 2021

I Care

true greatness is often not appreciated until death
at least that’s what those of us who feel unappreciated like to think

nobody reads my poetry, nobody cares about my paintings

except me---I care, I care, I care, I care to the fourth power

we can all look at the same thing but see different things

a vase or two gorillas staring at each other or something else

truth can mean different things to different people

when it snows, all snowflakes fall in just the perfect place 

all raindrops fall perfectly in a rainstorm 

even though it appears to be chaotic and happenstance  

the world is full of yin and yang, gaining, losing, advancing, retreating

all in balance, all in step with what is

no attempts to achieve or conquer, just tides moving in and out

as they have for millions of years

thinking of days when I was a wee lad

the world didn't seem so mean and bad

ah, but it’s easy to forget reality sitting in the sidewalk cafes of paris

sipping cafe au lait under a french beret 

listening to the police sirens teeter-tottering 

life doesn’t seem so bad

having nothing to fall back on often keeps you forging ahead when times are tough

better to be a free man sleeping under a blanket of stars