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December 3, 2020

County Fair (End of Summer)

driving those old bumper cars
taking out teenage angst on other drivers

break three balloons and win a prize

big stuffed animal you gotta carry around the rest of the night

you’d dump it someplace but she wants it

making plans and holding hands

end of summer county fair extravaganza 

what’s that creeping out of the shadows 

haunted house she holds me tight - I like that 

ferris wheel, scrambler, tilt a whirl

making eyes at the exotic looking carnie girl

queen of the road

dark hair dark eyes dark past

rollercoaster up and down up and down 

side to side and all around - all around 

carousels with their happy callioliptic tunes

horses frozen in a time of innocence mid-gallop

hamburgers and hotdogs with extra grease

the name ‘street’ taco implies a certain hipness

sno-cones, elephant ears, churros, try ‘em all

neon of red gold and green coloring the night

red gold and green

reminds me of the vegas strip

farm boys and girls with their 4-H competitions 

cute farm animals who don’t know what lies in store for them

end of summer, what a bummer