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September 11, 2020

Hanging Out In The Late 60's

movie stars in the spotlight
bright lights hot nights flashes of white
black limousines await their honored guests
silver propellor planes spinning spinning spinning
landmarks that look like they used to look
dancing halls echo from dance hall performers golden days
bikinis on beach towels wooden piers
boardwalk busy see and be seen
trying to learn dance steps not for the like of dancing
but it’s where the cute girls are and are doing
motorcycles with young toughs trying desperately
to look like young toughs
wanting to impress impressionable young girls with their machoness
fashionable women latest hair styles shopping downtown
riding up escalator in Sears two-story big deal
to the second floor trying expensive nail polish
along with teenage girls 
who have no intention of buying, no intention
ice cream sundaes in little cafes
little round tables the size of a 78
33’s spinning in all their hi-fi glory
twisting the night away- colorful crepe mache
dance floor full
horns blasting away drummer drumming groovy beat
young men in suits moving they look real neat 
lonely poet sits stone-faced watching it all