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August 9, 2020

Brown Shroud of Death

it stood tall at the front of the house 25 years
majestic tree evergreen strong
silent sentry stood tall through drought and hurricane 
an old friend to come home to
however suddenly it looked ill
in a matter of days it wore
a shroud of brown death
it used to wear a deep green coat
all buttoned down before
I did not perform an autopsy 
bugs, root disease, old age 
hardening of the arteries, cirrhosis of  the liver 
I do not know the exact cause of death
cut it down and into pieces
hauled it around to the back yard 
on a cool november evening
placed its body into the fire I started 
a body made of the elements earth, water and sky 
it’s these elements it will be returning to
the ashes won’t be collected and spread in the ganges river 
like they do with dead people in india 
but I’ll play some george harrison music and light some incense
maybe do some chanting 
i’m seriously going to miss that tree
and I mourn for all its brothers that are chopped down in winter
used for a couple of weeks
then their lifeless bodies are dumped at the curb
what a waste so people can keep their silly traditions