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August 25, 2020


a bridge can take you places
some people use it to come to the big city to pursue their dreams 
some come to get away and get lost among the masses 
one drop among billions of other drops
a star among billions and billions of stars in an infinite universe
others use a bridge to get away from the all that and go somewhere else
traverse on rural routes and r.f.d.’s
country lanes full of country gentleman and their soup making wives
settle down and get a house with a white picket fence
...or venture past the plains and vanillas
the rocky roads, chocolates, bear tracks
neapolitans, pistachios, and sea salt caramel
or maybe just hit the road
keep you free from the pressures of society 
wooden stone span cantilever 
see the good old USA buffet coast to coast
full of things you like and some things you don’t 
but it’s all there in front of you for the taking 
a great thing about a bridge is that can take you either direction
it’s an escape...and if you don’t like where you are
you can take it to go the other way
far far far
beyond the beyondable 
if you don’t like where you have gone
you can come back over the bridge
one lane wooden bridges, rusting railroad cantilever bridges
imposing suspension bridges with glittering lights 
glowing in the darkness 
try to go home again if that’s what you want 
if it’s still there and you can find it