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July 3, 2020

Lake Shore Drive

mad at the world angry waves
crash against save the world breakers
explosions of water blast away
mushroom clouds of mist fall harmlessly
walking paths are busy with little hamsters
bikers walkers daydreamers poets
benches rife with dressed up office workers
carrying brown paper bags or leather attache cases
nibbling on bologna sandwiches and fritos 
remnants of a chocolate chip cookie
one hour of respite from mindless routine 
a long train ride home—a tv dinner 
lakefront condominiums with elegant names tower above
from forty flights up of luxury 
you don’t see the homeless
the not so pretty nitty gritty of the city
it’s all ice cream cake and balloons from up here
a luscious view of the lake
a dazzling view of downtown depending on which side you’re on
lucky people with corner condos get the best of both worlds 
at night the glows from the windows of the buildings 
make an incomplete city lights jigsaw puzzle 
burn the midnight oilers toiling away
cleaning people dusting vacuuming mopping doing the real work 
cars trucks buses zoom past on lake shore drive
taxicabs carrying most important people zig zag
across white lines yellow lines double lines lines of lines
on their way to appointments meetings lunches
rendezvous with secret lovers—
dark corner tables in quiet out of the way restaurants 
illicit meetups in haughty hotels
then they debate whether they should to go back to work
no, not today—they arrive home early instead
a nice surprise for the wife or hubby 
the black birds that fly high into the white sky won’t say a word