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June 29, 2020

I'm Not Into Time

I was feeling kind of thirsty so I drove my van
down to a harbor lounge for a night of serious drinking
an old black guy in the potholed parking lot asked me if I wanted to buy a watch
but I showed him my bare wrist and said “I’m not into time”
he laughed and said “All right man, I hear ya” 
went inside and it was nice and dark and they had good music playing
I found a booth because I don’t like barstools
ordered the usual bottle
a whore came over to me asking if I wanted company
but I said I wasn’t ready to incorporate
I don’t think she got it, she just shook her head and headed back to the bar
just sat and listened to the music and got silently stoned
when I drink in a group I always drink alone
the time passed and people passed out 
others went in and out
happy ones, sad ones, young ones, old ones
the steelworker buddies, the fathers and sons
saw a couple of people I knew come in
but they sat elsewhere
I don’t care, I didn’t really want to talk to them anyway
the lights went from clear to unfocused
my eyelids were flying at half mast
traced the patterns on the patternless tablecloth 
I didn’t know what time it was ‘cause I had no watch
left my phone on the dresser back home
didn’t really care anyway
figured I was done so went out the door to the parking lot
it took all the balance I could conjure up
opened the drivers door and poured myself in
slept for a little while while the rain tap danced on the roof
woke up after a half hour or so I guess
I still didn’t have a watch and the truck radio like me only works sporadically 

nursed myself and mr. truck back home and called it a night