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May 2, 2020

Trying To See The Future

divination is a stab at foretelling the future
one day ahead, one month ahead, ten years ahead
whether you’ll be alive or dead
people have been wanting to know this kind of thing for a long time
back to the days of old kings and old queens 
old jacks and old castles and dark dungeons and dangerous dragons
all kind of ways of doing it I’m told
--armomancy, canomancy, cartomancy, fancypancy, whateveryoucanthinkof mancy
some people drink a hot cup of tea and then read the tea leaves
some look at the bottom of their chipped cup they bought at the Salvation Army store when they were perusing around for some Miles Davis jazz albums 
or a Dr. Zhivago soundtrack album for a buck 
some beat reading material by Ginsburg that’s been passed down by passerdowners
regurgitated out of the basement of a Goodwill
some people really take this kind of thing seriously like it really works
methinks it doesn’t--always wanted to use methinks for something
maybe I’d like to know what’s going to happen to me tomorrow--maybe not
maybe what I’m eating now is my last supper
if it was I’d be choosy about what I was going to eat
pizza or bratwurst washed down with a couple of cold ones
maybe I’d like to know what day I’m gonna die, but then again maybe I wouldn’t
maybe I’d like for it to be a surprise right before my eyes
I’m eating a bowl of red grapes right now as I write this 
I’m almost finished with it and I look and there’s two grapes on the left and one grape on the right
does that mean something? It does to someone out there who could do a reading on it
there’s a certain fascination about divination I must confess