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May 30, 2020

Moment To Moment

a fools’ question one day may be most profound the next
second to second--a shift in the paradigm--a paradoxically prevailing wind
circumstances change rearrange no longer strange
clouds come and go high and low 
sky blue and gray rain rain will go away
tides high and low come and go come and go
night becomes day and then night once mo
a full moon disappears in the night sky
the beggar becomes a man of gentle refinement
pointless points of view become pillars of wisdom and insight
yesterday’s ridiculous inquiry--a short circuit of the mind
today it is a most excellent question worth considering
a delicious dichotomy
you’ll find that many things in life can change 180 degrees
day to day
moment to moment
what’s in is out and what was out is now in
you must prepare yourself for such inevitabilities 
nothing is certain
sands shift
mountains crumble
rivers run dry