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May 16, 2020

Dr. Zodiac Knows All

got a consultation from the all knowing Dr. Zodiac 
wanted to get my life back on the right track 
my foundation was shaking and starting to crack
was coming apart at the seams
in a room dark cool and inviting like a tomb
I sat down and looked around the room
done in early psychic contemporary doom
or in 1960’s bohemian dreams
he used some kind of magic communication
spoke with the spirits on another world radio station 
implemented dream interpretation
transmitted by magic moonbeams
he said my future didn’t appear to be too bright
my past hasn’t exactly been lived in a spotlight
nothing ever seemed to go too right
so I got up and left
there’s just some things that can’t be explained 
as I walked to my car it started to rain
I never even told him my name
an imminent future full of bereft