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May 26, 2020

Amazon Jungle Experience

out of body experience, out of my mind
half crazed half I don’t know what
off the ship and into the amazon
tumble in--stumble out 
of hut with mosquito netting and bananas foster
o’er the macheste’s silver glare chop chop 
illusions, delusions, contusions, confusion
a long way from harbor home
don’t know where I’m standing but it’s zero to the left
medicine man read the bones
throw the bones against the stones listen for the tones
trying for evocation of sacred saints
let the chips fall where they may
clutching a cross with a death grip
come to my rescue before I sink deep
trying to find my footing in quicksand
move like jungle cat travel by night
canopy of trees blocking the sun
rest by day the rest when I can
been on the dead run like a cougar
puma, mountain lion, red tiger, or wild catamount
past banyan trees with outstretched arms and legs
hoots, screeches, howls, bushes shake
and behind each one is a tiger when it's dark
snakes slither, tongues probing, falling from branches on my shoulders
looking for a cave of safe haven
a quiet place to find respite
malaria stricken and takin’ a lickin’
follow the river where piranha wait for their dinner
dugout canoes over the rapids CRASH! SMASH! now just trash
to the ocean tides that whisper and carry my fate
find my ship that waits patiently 
for me to once again sail the open sea