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April 6, 2020


rolling up in the red jag
down twisted streets of deception
always rocking in a code of style
…---...   …---... said the Titanic
love of opera an acquired taste like scotch
the taste for scotch I’ve more than acquired, not the opera
crossword puzzle of life obscure clues
up down across diagonal whatever 
life and death isn’t always in black and white
time for a pint of bitter or two at the local pub
always time for one more pint
alcohol makes some people think better live better
has a way of loosening up the brain cells so some say
or sometimes shutting them down
work gets in the way—sometimes conveniently 
impatience your middle name and mine
not liked at least enough by the right people 
downright upright downstairs upstairs
let’s meet at a pub sometime
.- .-.. . -..- .- -. -.. . .-. / .... --- --. .- -.