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March 14, 2020

Make Love Great Again

I know we can do it if we try
let’s revisit a time that has passed in the rear view mirror
give it the old college try, once more for the alma mater
hip hip hip and alpha beta kappa
go back to the old school ways
go way on back to the early days
the way it used to be when we were somewhat young
the days of anticipation and anxiously awaiting the passing of the clock
weigh anchor all the anchors weighing us down 
don’t hold a wake over past mistakes 
live and let live say the sages
let bygones be bygones it's written in some pages
time is passing supersonically Concorde-like
our days are numbered--the roulette wheel is spinning--double zero coming up
our number is bound to come up sooner or later
let’s not die with frowns on our faces
lead weights in our hearts, bones, blood, brains, cartlidge, plasma
black clouds raining drops of wet unhappiness on our heads
the umbrella is in the car of course
just let the little things go and big things go and the medium things pass
we didn’t always see eye to eye cause I’m taller than you
the devil you know is better than the one you don’t right?
let’s try to be better devils