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February 13, 2020

Five Year Plan

we’ve had some good times, that’s for sure
but I believe five years is enough 
yeah, a five year plan like the Soviet Union used to have
you finish my sentences and I finish yours
familiarity breeds contempt so they tell me
I’m living in the gulag comrade don’t you see
need some new blood, some fresh air
you ain’t done nothing wrong babe
it’s me--I feel like I’m in an electric chair
wanderlust kicking into fourth gear surge
it's time for a purge
gotta keep going down the highway
wheels turning round and round and round and round
a symphony of sound
don’t wanna live a life of gray
want to see new things--adventures await
you deserve better honey
I couldn’t give you what you really wanted
so it’s on my motorcycle you never liked
riding away into the sunset if there was one tonight