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January 4, 2020

Shoebox Full Of Memories

shoebox full of old memories
a child’s watch with Willie Mays, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle signatures
on the watch face 
that I got from my parents when I was small or maybe it was my grandparents
I can’t remember now--I suppose it doesn’t make any difference  
some old sports cards
maybe they’re worth something-probably not
J.P. Parise, Danny Grant, Arnie Brown
Tommy Nobis, Gino Cappelletti, Don Perkins
Adolfo Phillips, Billy Williams, Whitey Ford
names of players who have long retired-some have died
I look at them and feel twelve years old again
a Canadian ian flag from a vacation up to Niagara Falls and Toronto
Hohner harmonica I could pretend I was Dylan
an old cassette of something but I don’t have an old cassette player
to find out what’s on it
maybe recordings from AM radio and top 40 hits playing on an old Zenith radio
done on my now lost Panasonic tape player--high tech baby
an old swimming club membership card
July afternoons there and then a cone from Dairy Queen
come home and watch the baseball game
life was good