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December 10, 2019

You Never Learn

say your mantra put your head in the sand
there ain’t no hidin’ from the man
you just don’t seem to understand
ya think if you close your eyes it’ll go away
turn up the radio and let it play
it’s all so useless anyway
you can spend your whole day wishing
you might as well go fishing
with no bait on your hook

take off your rose colored glasses
you can keep throwin’ hail mary passes
but you’re never gonna defeat the masses
all your good luck charms and inspirational expressions
can’t shake this overwhelming depression
you’re not even payin’ attention to the 64,000 question
just plant your flag and defend your land
make a desperation final stand
on the shifting sands you stand on

I wish I could make you see
but you never ever listen to me
you’re singing by yourself in three part harmony
when are you gonna wake up from your dream
you could use a good primal scream
you’re writing a dissertation on the wrong theme
I guess I’ll just walk away now
I wanna do more for you than you’ll allow
I’m tired of wasting my time