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December 15, 2019


spent a lot of time wishing
shiny pennies tossed in fountains
dropped down dark deep wells
falling stars from the sacred sky
on rainbows that always seemed so promising
ain’t got nothing to show for it
a lot of heartache--a lot of nothin’
prayed at a lot of churches
tiny ones in the country
old ones in the city that have seen generations
of families born-live-die
all the pretty stained glass burgundy reds
bright blues, meditation greens, revelation yellows
all I got was a sore pair of knees
wish I could see some kind of sign
just give me some kind of sign
a lot of singing and hoping
around the corner there’s a bar
I feel more comfortable in there
and I confess and wish to St. Whiskey
and I get the same response 
although he makes me feel better
at least for a little while
he gives me a sign
I feel all warm inside and all is right with the world
at least for a little while