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December 6, 2019

Miss Mensa

you always bragged you were a member of Mensa
but when it came to love you were always on the fence
you majored in psychology but not in common sense
you were always the smartest one in the room
you gotta lotta dollars but not much cents
you wish you had a friend to turn to

you stay home alone most nights
never seen the big city lights
you’ve never seen nothing but scaled all the heights
you were too good for anybody else
found out life ain’t all balloons and kites
you realize that now

you’re content to live your life alone
but you still sit close to the phone
thinkin’ about all the chances you’ve blown
‘cause you were smarter than anybody else
now you sit by yourself in your expensive brownstone
wondering if you outsmarted yourself

you called them lowlifes and said they had no class
just pieces of ordinary trash
but now you could kick yourself in the ass
maybe they weren’t really so bad
you could fit your happiness in a shot glass
now you’ve got no one to turn to