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December 22, 2019

In Death As In Life

if there’s anything I can do I mean if it ain’t too inconvenient
let me know that’s what I mean but I don’t say
give me a call but I know you won’t
that makes my empty words easier to mouth
you’ll be alright if you’re strong as the breeze today
dead leaves fluttering—falling unto the grass of the dead
memories good and bad blowing in the wind
life’s short but sometimes it don’t seem that way
all those days of wandering crooked mean streets
all those days of wondering where you’re next meals’coming from
all those nights of chasing dreams deep into the unforgiving night
and in dreams that don’t come true
under cruel moons and indifferent stars
those days crawl by slowly on scraped hands and knees
the black limousines stand like sentries quietly and at attention
I always wanted to ride in a hearse and one day I will the hard way
unless I’m lost at sea or just lost somewhere in the world
a lost soul lost in a world that was lost to me years ago
I never found this one to my liking or vice versa
it was a beautiful day for a funeral
in the popular cemetery that people were dying to get in
dig a hole in the ground and cover up all your troubles with the dirt
the only people who ain’t got no problems
are under six feet of earth or a pile of ashes in an urn
I want my ashes to be spread in the cold deep sea
going a thousand different directions like I did in life