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October 9, 2019


what if the coyote wants to come in
after a long night in the brush 
he gets cold too--he could use a brandy
sit by the fire a while
what about the bushido? what about him?
there ain’t no him in bushido fool
you have disgraced your ancestors 
do you live by the code samurai warrior
zulu warrior golden state warrior 
rolling thunder revue 
dylan baez mitchell mcguinn
raining dogs and dogs—‘cause I don’t like cats
is the levee gonna hold?
sorry for any inconvenience
to the best of my knowledge
i refuse to answer that question on the grounds of self-incrimination
what about hearing voices you say?
depends I say on what they’re saying
it may not be a bad thing
might be the kindest voices ever
if there’s three nickel-brass coins in the fountain 
I’m diving in after them
that’s 1500 yen americano
buy me some pork ramen