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July 8, 2019

British Empire

they used to say the sun never set
on the British empire 
I think India was the first
and that’s when the sun started going down
Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt
Jordan, Libya, Burma, Ghana
Uganda, Yemen, Sudan
Southern Rhodesia was Britain's’ last African colony
now it’s Zimbabwe
Britain made their share of mistakes and broken promises
they turned over Hong Kong to China in 1997
for many, that marked the end to the British Empire
there have been a few successes
like U.S. of A, Canada, Australia and some others
but wouldn’t some of those countries now independent
be better off with British rule
rather than what they’ve got now?
some have been total disasters
Bermuda voted against it
sure, some have their freedom
some have had their freedom taken away by dictators
but I guess it’s their dictators right?
it’s their set of problems
and disasters that they made
oh for the romantic days of the BEF, cricket, a spot of tea
the Imperial system--driving on the left side of the road
some of it has survived
the Queen and all that
I miss it
I miss the old Britain
A lot of people in Britain miss the old Britain
Deep down I bet some of those countries do too