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June 12, 2019

Bad Back

when you got a bad back like me
it hurts to stand for that national anthem
I don’t wanna stand for in the first place  
when this song plays, you have to stand up to show ‘respect’
idiotic symbolism that means nothing
it hurts to sit for Sunday dinner
it hurts to lay down
an old worn and torn recliner I got from the thrift store
is the best friend I got now
I can’t join the Army or Navy  
though I didn’t get that urge until I was too old anyway
I’m not much for following orders
it would have been insubordination and court martial city

I can’t work anymore
I can’t play golf anymore
I can’t go bowling anymore
I’ll never climb Mt. Everest or K2
I can drink, that’s not a problem thank ya thank ya
I can eat some barbecue ribs and coleslaw
I can read what I want, read what I feel
Writing poems isn’t a problem
I know some people got it worse but
I think about when it didn’t hurt
running around, playing baseball football hockey
bending, reaching
the only reaching I do now
is for days now out of reach