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May 5, 2019

Confetti From The Clouds

Falling white snowflakes
I wasn’t expecting that today
coldly silently they fall and float
confetti from the clouds
in my hair
happy new years
unique like all the others
on the sidewalk of my mind
piling up in front of the door
frosted window sees gray
Beethoven’s fifth playing softly
I prefer Jack Daniels fifth
deeper and deeper like the sea
over my worn out boots
from the thrift store October
as I layer up
heading outside
to face the elements
oxygen, lead, mercury
platinum, palladium, potassium
tin, copper, neon
crunch crunch crunch crunch
nestle bar white chocolate accumulating
on the eaves, on the windows, on the streets
on the rooftops, in the alleys, out in the woods