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April 23, 2019


Spirit helper, spirit guide
lift my spirit
a kindred spirit
free spirit takin’ a free ride
a liquid spirit, a wooden cabinet of spirits
a spirit of the material world
a spirit from beyond
raise your spirit, break your spirit, take your spirit however you can get it
change into a spirit more comfortable
that’s the spirit old boy
fly Spirit, United, Lufthansa, British Airways--just fly your freak flag high
Spirit of St. Louis over the Atlantic
be in good spirits
a fighting spirit, be with us in spirit
get into the spirit
I got a line on you spirit
what’s your spirit animal
wolf? coyote? wolverine? badger? moose? owl? sloth?
dog? lion? elk? eagle? slug? ?????????????
if the spirit moves you, don’t leave a forwarding address

but always keep a Dunkirk spirit