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March 19, 2019

Smarter Than The Average Bear

He thought himself somewhat of an intellectual--that is smarter than the average bear Boo-Boo..he was thought of by some snarks as the human 8-ball because he thought he had all the answers--he wanted to talk about Hemingway, or Mozart, or some psychological topic or metaphysical gobbledygook...the only problem was that he was alone...there wasn’t anybody he knew who fit that bill...oh there once was a guy he knew who left and moved to Idaho to be a train conductor...they used to have some good talks, but he took the 8:05 out of town one-way...he didn’t care about discussing who the third string quarterback was for the college town football team GO STATE! he sat dazed in his cubicle, or confused in his car while stopped at a red light as to why the latest turn of events turned that way, or in a recliner in his house, alone in thought and lost to this world...he realized it was the circles that he ran in, or more truthfully didn’t run in...he didn’t run in circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, septagons, octagons, or any other kind of gon...his ‘type’ was gon gon gon...gon once, gon twice, SOLD! nobody he ever knew...he was an avid reader like Mr. Bemis and had a good working knowledge of many things...however none of this working knowledge ever got put to use and this love of reading did not translate into a love of going to school and studying...he tried college but quit after sorta almost finishing one year if you don’t count incompletes...he would’ve passed English class if he hadn’t passed out in the hallway on finals day...annnnddd he never went back to complete the course of course...guess that’s what he got for getting totally wasted at a baseball game the night before which wasn’t too intellectual...he left school and did what most young people in that situation do, got a job...actually, he got more than a job, he got several jobs; jobs that neither interested him or that would lead anywhere he wanted to go...drift, drift,, there, dead end jobs with dead minded people...he never saw himself in the same way...people who he was sure about having no common interests or having anything to offer from a high-minded conversational standpoint...he coulda lowered his sights but he couldn’t see he drifted from one dead-ass job to wasn’t until later in his life that he thought that being a college professor might have been a good job for him, walking around the campus as Professor talking with students and fellow teachers...mixing it up in the world of academia, among the intellegensia...alas however, he was now too old to pursue that ambition and like some of his other ambitions, it most likely would have ended in abysmal failure...he wanted to be but was a never-was...he gave up and got a cheap room in an old motel and worked part time as a caretaker for oh, I don’t know...some kind of rec building or something...he sank into the unmade bed of oblivion drinking the loneliness and pain away...they found his body after a week or so when the neighbors complained of a bad smell...but then that’s what his whole life was in his humble opinion.