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March 26, 2019

She Was Like Pure Mercury

Exotic woman she was, she wasn’t who she said she was or pretended to be or not to be, but that was just a mere technicality...with those eyes, you didn’t really just wanted to drown in the ocean that she didn’t know if you could trust her but you did anyway...the nearer you got to her, the farther you seemed to be...your mind tried to tell you but the phone to your heart was out of order...the communiques weren’t getting through thing for sure, she wasn’t gonna be who you wanted her to be...she was her and that was that...she was her own woman--impulsive, changing her mind on a whim, leaving you twisting in the wind, telling you yes and then no and then yes and then no again...that’s just her way...frustrating, infuriating, captivating--she had it all...and who knew you had such a forgiving nature hmm…?...the first time you saw her she was all shiny and shimmering in that quicksilver dress and was pure mercury...she was beautiful but maybe she was also poisonous but you just had to find out even if the others warned was like she just walked out of a fashion magazine spilling over the dance floor with all eyes on her and wanting to be with asked her to dance and she gave you a deep look and were always a man of confidence...that was your first mistake...the spider invited you into her web...a web of promises, a web of ecstasy, a web of deception, a web of charm...a magnetic presence that attracted all...she cooed and whispered in a deep and low smoky voice that said everything, but didn’t say nothing--her voice could melt steel--and her perfume committed murder...she wasn’t the kind to give herself away but you said the hell with it and got involved with her anyway and true to form she played you like a violin--a real Carnegie Hall virtuoso getting whatever she wanted whenever she wanted the night she told you she loved you passionately--then the next day she was indifferent...when you said “You told me you loved me last night”, she coldly stared ahead and said “Oh yes, but that was last night. Today is a new day.”...was she being coy...just toying with you?...basically anything she wanted, she got it and you became wrapped around her finger...she let you know in her subtle woe is me demeanor that she had a few debts she was concerned about and the good man that you are ‘took care of’ a few bills she had but it was only would have done just about anything for her and she knew it...she was as intoxicating as a case of the finest German schnapps...purring like a Mercedes and you couldn’t wait to take her for a ride on the autobahn and see how fast you could go...maybe you could corral her, maybe she would change...a fool’s dream...she wasn’t going to change and if you didn’t play along, she’d find somebody else in an instant that would...eyes discreetly on the prowl for someone who might be able to provide a little bit better than her current fling...and that’s all you were...a fling, the flavor of the month, today’s fashion...she was a habit you couldn’t break even though you knew you’d probably wind up in rehab while she laughed and went off to Paris for the summer and into the arms of another lover who no doubt wouldn’t have any better luck with her than you did.