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February 5, 2019

Going Above and Beyond

Intense dream sequences that some people experience while sleeping...the word for it is transliminality but that sounds so antiseptic...the word suggests "going beyond the threshold"...but what does going beyond the threshold even mean?...what it means is when someone who has a hypersensitivity to a type of psychological material that originates in the deep and dark unconscious where angels fear to tread and the waters are murky and deep and it is rash to fish and sometimes unwelcoming...some place that no one can actually place as it’s not on any GPS device... nor can everyone can access may be a treacherous mountain pass that’s been blocked by massive amounts of snow caused by an avalanche—real or imagined… it could be on the other side of a gorge where a bridge has been washed out and away by torrential rains that leaves a gargantuan gaping gap and a deadly thousand foot fall into a chasm below, or maybe it’s a door in a half-lit peeling paint of a shadowy room that no one wants to open for fear of what may be behind it—beyond lies the threshold that is to be crossed...this person is prone to having intense types of dreams...everyone has dreams when their asleep, but many of these are really intense heart pounding can be the sound of possible footsteps in the hall creaking—when you KNOW you’re the only one home...the apparent sound of breaking glass in a downstairs window...the breaths of a stranger just outside your open window at three a.m. frightening...not just your standard “I’m running away from a monster” stuff that seven year olds have and wake you up in the middle of the night for...hmmm, could that be though the sowing of some kind of seeds of transliminality in the young mind however???...we all have monsters we want to run from at one time or another...although associated with dreaming, a person could be affected with transliminality in an external environment as well when wide awake...who hasn’t seen menacing shadows--mysterious faces in a crowd, a feeling of dread and impending doom...high degrees of this have been shown to be associated with people who have an increased tendency toward experiencing and touching the world of the mystical, those who have greater amounts of creativity like artists and writers, and those who have a greater belief in the paranormal…maybe they are the ones who have the supreme crystal visions and whose feelings are in tune with a world far removed from the that is to say, someone who is open minded to these types of things...some of these dreams can truly be horrifying and so ‘real’...a dream that can make you scream...some ‘experts’ even suggest that this transliminality could be a link to psychoticism, especially in the case of subjects who experience these types of conditions when they aren’t dreaming...yes, sometimes perhaps but sometimes life itself can make you seemingly psychotic with all its twisting and bending and unwelcome kaleidoscopes that turn in your mind and thought processes inside out, upside down, and your brain is on a spin cycle...and sometimes the person isn’t psychotic but just absolutely aware of certain esoteric experiences the ‘experts’ can’t even guess at...cryptic and baffling moments in time that defy explanation by any sense of the real and the only answers may be found in the abstract and the mystical...not all transliminal dreams are nightmares, but many are...just like life is one long nightmare for some.