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November 13, 2018


Coincidence is what we call something when there are things that are sometimes related that happen in a way that can’t be explained…a coincidence by definition is when two unlikely activities share similarities...a lot of times these things are related in some manner, or maybe they aren’t, and if you think about it, it can be kind of spooky…why do these things happen like that?...there are a lot of examples of coincidence...there’s the story of a misguided soul who was vandalizing a cemetery, running amok amidst the moonlight after midnight, knocking over headstones and then...tripping over a foot stone and bashing their head against a tree and being killed...after identifying the body, authorities were stunned when they found that the foot stone the vandal tripped over causing his demise was inscribed with the vandal’s birthdate on it...there was a case of identical twins who lived in the countryside of England, who were both killed in separate car accidents within minutes of each other...on different roads...within a mile of each other...then there’s the strange coincidence of the sinking of the Titanic which mirrored a book written 14 years earlier about a fictional ship called the Titan...and there were many stunning similarities between fact and fiction...have you heard about the car that was involved in the assassination that started World War I?...the one that Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was riding in when he was shot?...the license plate number on the car was A 111 118...the coincidence here lies in the fact that World War I ended on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year 1918...11-11-18 and perhaps the A stood for armistice?...or the coincidence of the American Civil War starting in the backyard of a Virginia farmer named Wilmer McLean in a battle known as the First Battle of Bull Run...McLean moved his family away from there to avoid them being in the middle of the coincidental was it that General Robert E. Lee’s surrender to General Grant which all but ended the war took place in the front room of...Wilmer McLean who had moved to Appomattox, Virginia...or the writer Mark Twain being born the day after an appearance of Halley’s Comet, and dying 75 years later when the comet again had appeared in the sky just the day before his of my own brushes with coincidence was that I visited both New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. just two months before the terror attack on 9/11 in which the twin towers in NYC were destroyed and the Pentagon in D.C. was damaged.