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October 24, 2018

No Such Thing As The Dao

The Dao that we call the Dao isn’t the Dao and that seems really confusing but it’s no more confusing than T-A-O Tao which is pronounced fact, if you think about it, nothing in this universe is what we call it, not even the universe or the sun or the moon or any of the stars or the planets or the galaxies or anything within or beyond...there’s no such concrete things like chairs, water, dogs, ice, trees or any of that...the world spins and spins and spins and spins some more...yin and yang tossed in a dryer...everything is abstract...just words used in languages to find common communication...and even then there are communication breakdowns...communiques sent get misfiled, misplaced, misunderstood,...but it doesn’t matter if it really has a name or not, some things are real and some aren’t...if you want real, look to nature...whatever nature produces like lightning, house shaking thunder, pouring or light falling rain, the quietness of falling snow, fire, tornadoes, that is all real..real is when a lightning bolt hits close to you and makes you jump, or the wind blowing in your face...that is real...they are most real no matter what word we assign to them...all interpretations are abstract...if we say something is beautiful, then we must find something else that is ugly...we have short and long and sometimes things that are too short for one thing are too long for another and vice versa...everything has its place...everything has its purpose even though we might not think so...there’s bad and good and what appears to be bad might turn out to be good and maybe even the best thing ever...conversely, what looks like it’s great may not turn out so great or could be even be bad...circumstances change, appearances can be deceiving...within all yang their is yin and within all yin there is yang...maybe it’s not apparent but it’s there...a small drop in the ocean...we try to stay true, to walk the straight and narrow but if we veer off even a little, nothing might happen or all hell can break loose...we can get sidetracked by some thing or some sidewinder and wind up forlorn and forgotten on an abandoned siding...derelict rails going nowhere that are left to rust in some place in the world where nobody goes anymore...there are those people that are a good in-FLU-ence and some people who are just the flu and they make you sick, not physically but mentally, there wear you down and bring you down, down, down; down all the way to the ground and below the ground, six feet under  until there’s no sound...there is good and bad in everyone as the man said...some let the good flow naturally and others are constipated...some repress goodness and some can’t tell the difference...Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said that there is a line separating good and evil that runs "through every human heart and that every action he took, however small, was for one or the other” and we can’t always be certain...the road to hell is paved with good intentions they say and there are times when that is true...and whatever is, is...there are too many haters, fools, bad situations, deep dark places where we don’t ever want to go and all that but it is what it is...the world’s not perfect Jack, so worry about your own ship and keep it on course...other captains might have different rules or do things different ways but as long as they’re on their boat and they don’t block your course or fire over your bow, let it be...seas can be rough enough on their own without you churning things up...let it be, wu-wei, wu-wei..