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September 24, 2018

Communicating With Spirits In The Great Beyond

In the world of the paranormal where ‘normal’ takes a back seat, someone who is known as a channeler is a person who has the other world ability to communicate with the spirits from the great beyond, that is those who have left the mortal world for the spiritual one...the act of channeling happens when the channeler/medium enters into what is called an 'altered state of consciousness', not the kind we find ourselves in sometimes, but a consciousness of a higher state...this state is what gives the person the power to become what is called a conduit or 'channel' for the spirit to reach out and communicate with them…the medium reaches out to contact a deceased individual and then the channeler can then become a middle man of sorts...a source of middle ground between the living and the dead...basically in essence, this is the kind of work that a medium does…communicating with the dead on behalf of the living, and relaying any messages back and forth...a medium has several different ways in which they can work…the best-known forms are when a spirit purportedly takes control of a medium's voice and uses it to relay a message to those who are still living…or sometimes the medium will ‘hear’ the message psychically and then relay it to others…other methods may involve the actual materialization of the spirit or the audible presence of a voice…this often happens during a séance…one thing that is vital to remember…not all psychics are mediums, however all mediums are psychics…know too that many mediums have been exposed as frauds and charlatans who duped people for profit…what they often did was that they gained access to a clients’ personal information one way or another without the client knowing of course, to make the client believe the medium had psychic powers…but other mediums are legitimate...those kind of mediums ignore the skeptics to demonstrate their powers but instead quietly work  in the background offering their services to individuals who wish to communicate with the spirits...for a look at how channeling sometimes ‘works’, watch the classic ‘Charlie Chan at Treasure Island’ starring Sidney Toler and Cesar Romero.