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August 25, 2018

Charlie Chan Movies

Mad at myself, went to bed too late, got up too early and now I got a long day to kill and a case of fuzzy headed grogginess that don’t go away easily...Saturday morning-afternoon and I was going to have to go out and mow the yard but I’ve gotten a reprieve from the’s raining...beautiful...rain pounding on the tin roof on my back porch and I can tell you it’s a deafening sound when it’s raining hard but it puts you right to sleep...can’t go to library, card suspended for a $ .50 late fee and that is questionable...not paying, making a point but I don’t know to who...boredom is is so boring...if this was forty or fifty years ago, I could find a Charlie Chan movie on the television and kill a couple of hours and just enjoy the show...get a bag of chips and some beer and some donuts left over...I liked old Charlie Chan...some of my favorite old memories was watching him on a winter Sunday morning/afternoon as my mother cooked pot roast and potatoes...some people prefer Warner Oland as Chan, but I like Sidney Toler better...he was more sarcastic and I could definitely identify with that...Oland was good too though and was an interesting guy in that he virtually became Charlie Chan in his personal life...or at least acted like him in the last few years of his know what I mean...he became the character so to speak...even when he did personal interviews, he did it with the Charlie Chan persona...I don’t know what a psychologist would say about that, but who gives a damn about their thoughts anyway?...there’s too many goddamn doctors who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about...for every doctor that graduated in the top half of his class, there’s one that graduated in the bottom half...besides, this world could use some more Charlie Chan types...Charlie had wisdom and honor...anyway, eventually Oland got sick and died, and Toler took over...well anyway, they don’t play those movies with Oland or Toler much anymore because they’re politically incorrect or one person is offended so they have to stop showing them...or some other kind of bullshit, and the only thing on television is nothing...I got something like 500 channels and I can’t find a thing to I say the hell with it and I turn off the TV and walk over to the front window spotted with raindrops and pull up a chair to watch the rain, and watch the front yard get flooded and the runoff water flowing in the curb become like the mighty Mississippi rolling down the street...I keep waiting for one of those 1800’s paddle wheel steamers to go by with a bunch of elegant ladies in long satin dresses with fancy hats and gentlemen gamblers in their fine suits with their thin mustaches and even thinner integrity...all enjoying the beautiful wood trim of the parlors, the plush velvet of the drapes and the soft luxurious chairs and sofas that they rested on...the gilt edging and all the other exquisite features of the bedrooms...thinking of that,  I go in the kitchen and grab a bottle of rum...across the street, my neighbor who evidently doesn’t have nothing else to do either is sitting in his enclosed front porch smoking a pack of cigarettes and killing a bottle of what looks like scotch...I’d go over and help him but we haven’t talked in the twenty years since I moved in.