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July 18, 2018

The Ocean On Xanax

I went to the beach this weekend...on the way there, I passed an accident on the car was smashed like a frat boy on Saturday night....another car had gone off the road and done a cherry turnover or a croissant...emergency vehicles weren’t there so it must have just happened...just my luck I missed it live...I’ve been in a few live ones myself...people had stopped to help, or maybe to just talk and gawk while they pretended they were ‘helping’...the highlight for me was watching some of these people chasing this little dog all over the road...the cars were stopped and he kept darting between cars avoiding capture...although I’m glad they got him before some idiot ran over him, or her, whatever...that’s the way life are going along fine one moment, and in a second you’re upside’re helplessly rolling over in some culvert...I hope nobody got accidents have a way of screwing you up for the rest of your life...soon the traffic was moving again and I started thinking about the beach again...I don’t enjoy the heat of the sun much in this tropical climate I currently live in, and if you have fair skin like myself, you have to be careful you don’t get a bad sunburn...which makes this a pretty stupid place to live in...and I have had a few of those mean as hell sunburns in my time...and they suck...but I do love swimming in the ocean...the water was so warm, it was like a gigantic hot tub …above, a plane buzzed overhead and was advertising an all you can eat crab meat special…but it didn’t mention any drink specials so I didn’t go...another plane was hawking a dance club that I suppose was nearby...but uh….no...Later, I was eating at a restaurant that is eight miles high...and rotates…(the food’s not that expensive surprisingly and it’s good) side had a city view of anonymous office buildings filled mostly with anonymous people with anonymous lives with unlived dreams...and the other side had an ocean couldn’t see anything but water and beach...water stretched to the horizon and beyond...the ocean has got a personality...sometimes many of them like Sybil, that girl in the old movie that had multiple big as the ocean is, you can’t even imagine how much bigger it got a big boat?...go out in the middle of the ocean and then you’ll see how big it isn’t...I was thinking how it would be terrifying to have some kind of boat accident...even if you’re not that far out...maybe you can even see the lights of the shore twinkling all pretty while you bob in the water, you have no hope of swimming to shore even though the lights of the city are beckoning’s cruel, you’re so close, yet so far away...kind of like my life story, but that’s another story for another time...that’s bad enough and you don’t even wanna think what the sharks can do...sometimes the ocean looks so calm, like it’s on Xanax...and other times it can be totally it really needs some Xanax...bad...out of control crazy...sailors know...they know what it can of these days soon, the oceans will show the humans who really is in charge here...hurricanes do that from time to time and with this global warming happening, it’s only gonna get worse and worse.