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July 8, 2018

The Grey Goose

I like all kinds of animals...I like dogs...especially dogs...they love you even if you’ve had a bad day...they’re always happy to see you...I like bears even though sometimes they don’t like you...bears got a good and drink all summer and then sleep in a cave all winter without being bothered...I could get into that...I like giraffes...I don’t care for riff-raff, but giraffes are ok with me...even though some might say that’s where I fit in...riff-raff that is...I don’t like cats...but all the rest of the animals are fine...but a grey goose is my always makes me feel good...takes away my problems for a while...I like it late at night...hell, I like it anytime...I don’t apologize for drinking any time of the day... people eat at all times of the day, so what’s wrong with drinking at all times of the day?...some think like it’s OK after five or six in the evening and it’s not earlier...that’s what some people think and I don’t like the way they think...sometimes, you need it earlier...sometimes, you need it as soon as you get up after you got no sleep...or sometimes, you sleep good and you need it’s not like life is so great that you don’t need some help once in need something to make you might have a bad day or two or three or, you let it go...who cares?...just go that extra long as you’re not hurting nobody...maybe my life just ain’t as great as yours is...I know the grey goose don’t care what time it is and he don’t care whether my life sucks or isn’t giving me the evil eye because it’s 3 a.m. and he wants to go home but you don’t...or looking at you suspiciously because it doesn’t think you have two copecs to rub together to pay the bill...I invite it over and it’s welcome anytime at my’s always there except when it isn’t and I gotta make a run to the grimy liquor store to get some more...I don’t have to worry about it flying or migrating or whatever birds of that ilk can’t count on them birds....sometimes you’re enjoying a nice crisp fall day just before winter if you live up north, and then you see the geese in formation leaving the hell does that make you feel? exactly do they decide who flys in what position...I mean, do they have like some kind of vote or something?...does Russia meddle in that election too?...they’re flying south I think to warmer climates...geese are sleek animals soaring through the blue sky and among the clouds...not a bad some people, they might say “You’re not responsible”, but you know what?...responsibility and maturity and all that other crap is overrated...all it does is get you agitated...hey, whatever gets you through the night...or the day...I don’t think we’re born to be noble human beings...some people think just because they get up and go to work five days a week, that they’re to be admired or respected...maybe some do, but not just means you’re stuck in a probably hate your job, but can’t get up and go to work everyday...big you think they really care?’ll leave one day and be replaced by somebody else doing the same dumb shit as think anybody cares?...don’t fool yourself...speaking of leave, just leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone, and I won’t be alone because I’ll have my grey goose to keep me company, and right now he’s asking you if you have to get up early and go to work tomorrow...hint, hint.