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June 24, 2018

The Phenomena of Past Life Regression

There are certain techniques that are used during hypnosis that can unlock remembrances of past lives or incarnations, or at least that’s what believers in it is called Past-Life Regression…during the session, the subject involved will be answering questions while under hypnosis...this is done to reveal the identity of the person in the past life and to bring forth events that occurred during that time...sometimes some very interesting information can be uncovered...I would find it fascinating if we could even unlock memories from this many things have happened that have long since disappeared from our memory banks...I find it interesting that we can remember little, trivial things clearly, yet some other memories have vanished entirely...skeptics claim that the state of hypnosis can lead to false statements being made or cloud any actual memory recall...some say that these ‘memories’ are nothing more than a delusion or fantasy conjured up by the ‘subject’ or are coached by helpers to ‘remember’ things...others though take past-life regression very seriously...and have used some of these memories to guide them going forth...some have not used any professionals or any kind at all or orchestrated session(s) and claim to have had these ‘regressions’ without any help… Chinese numerologists use the Buddhist/Taoist text called the Three Lives Book…some teachers of Eastern beliefs claim to be able to use siddhi or abhijna abilities to touch upon past lives…and many believe that if we have past lives, we must surely have future lives.