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June 12, 2018

10 Hour Drive & You Can't Let A Friend Down

10 hour drive
some days i feel like
backing the car
out of the garage
and hitting the interstate
and just driving
in fact, i did that once
drove 10 hours to Toronto
once i got there
i didn’t know what to do
once i got there
so i had a couple of drinks
at a bar downtown and then left
i could of made it home quicker
but i stopped
to see a detroit tigers game
at old, decrepit tiger stadium
a once in a lifetime chance i figured
i thought my car
might not be there
after the game
but unfortunately it was
and i drove back home

you can't let a friend down

never again i swore
with my head spinning
my stomach churning
i should have known better
nevermore quoth the drunk

i found the floor
or it found me
and i passed out
and i woke up
and swearing off drinking

later the phone rang
a friend in town
wanting to go out for drinks
that night
well hell
you can’t let a friend down