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May 21, 2018

Beleiving in Apparitions

Much has been written about apparitions...a.k.a. ghosts...those nefarious spirits that can’t rest...usually in a scary, or even an evil manner...there are as many ghost stories as they are...well, ghosts...if you believe in that kind of thing of course...why do people believe in ghosts?...why do they ‘see’ ghosts? it just an overactive imagination at work...or is it maybe a case of wishful thinking? is a fact that cultures all around the globe believe that spirits exist after death and that they live in the ‘spirit’ world...or some such euphemism...ghosts are among the most widely believed of any type of paranormal phenomenon...a poll done a few years ago indicated that over 40 percent of people who lived in the U.S.A. believed that ghosts do actually exist...why do so many like to believe in ghosts?...common sense and reason would dictate that no such thing could possibly occur, and many believe...I mean if someone is dead, how could it be possible that they could take some other form and somehow appear before us...the whole thing sounds crazy, yet...perhaps it’s just that in some cases we don’t want to let go...or maybe it’s the departed that don’t want to let go...and ghosts are not necessarily limited to the living, for reports of ghost ships, trains, and other inanimate objects have been logged as well...cemeteries are gathering places for those of the great beyond as one might expect, although a ghost could be encountered just about anywhere...ghost towns might be a place to find ghosts and that would make fact, there are quite a few ghost towns where people have claimed to see apparitions...people who call themselves ‘ghost hunters’ have gotten a lot of publicity with their quests to document actual ghost activity...but nothing has come of least nothing that proves ghosts do exist...maybe there’s such a thing where ghosts cannot be documented, but they do exist...something to think about the next time you see a strange light or form in that dark hallway you are about to go down.