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May 3, 2018

All About Auras

There’s no question that some people just seem to give off a ‘vibe’ or an ‘aura’ have probably heard about aura reading somewhere along the is supposed to be a type of aureola that surrounds certain people...and that certain people can supposedly see...maybe you don’t believe in that, but there is no doubt that you can feel the energy that some people give off...some have the aura of positiveness, the feeling of good and comfort when they are just feel better by being around them...actually being able to see an aura is suspect in my view, but there are paranormal ‘experts’ who claim this is true...however there is no doubt that many times we do meet someone who just seems to have a ‘positive energy’ about them…and there can be certain ‘vibes’ about meeting somebody who we would feel being away from...or maybe they just want to be left alone...nothing wrong with that...I feel like Greta Garbo sometimes…”I just want to be left alone”...the quote “I want to be alone” that is famous wasn’t correct per Greta...she says she clearly said that she wanted to be left alone...some people just aren’t sociable and prefer solitude or to just be with a close friend or two...maybe we are but maybe we’re having a tough day and a ‘chatty Cathy’ sits down at our table in the cafeteria and wants to have a matter what...there is certain body language that we can use to give a negative aura...we can usually make it known silently...maybe through brain waves...that we don’t want to engage with them...and they usually catch on...we’re not bad people, we just want to be by think, contemplate, relax, or for ‘seeing’ actual auras, that would be interesting...wouldn’t it?