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April 9, 2018

Holy Wanderers

Sometimes they’re called religious pilgrims, or ‘holy wanderers’...and they were and in many cases still are quite numerous in many parts of the world even today...the idea of making pilgrimages to holy sites is still en vogue among the poor people of the world, and among the more affluent...sometimes the wealthy can jet over and then play the part of a wandering monk or monastery monk for they’re playing a part in a play...when they tire of it, or believe that they are ‘enlightened’ enough, they can jet back over and resume their comfortable lives...the poor have no such any case, the wanderers will rely on alms, that is food provided many times by people not much better off financially than the monks themselves...many times though, the wanderers who have no official place in a church or group, go hungry and have only a blanket of stars over their head...if they’re’s a life that’s not for everyone...sometimes they are insulted...or worse...but there are many among the masses who greatly respect them...and so they go from place to place nonetheless seeking salvation or a step further to a closer relationship with seek the ‘truth’ some authorities though, some of these pilgrims are nothing more than lazy, ne’er do wells, castoffs and misfits that are only in search of a handout...some cash that is traded for the next high, or a cheap bottle of booze...these type often play upon the generosity and well meaning of individuals...religious types who are trying to help, but often keep the vicious cycle turning...did you ever notice how many homeless (at least here in America) hold signs with the words God Bless You written on them? play upon religious sympathy?...the vast majority of true religious wanderers are found in Asia where it is a difficult life...some are filled with ‘visions’ and a mission...others just hopes that it will bring about some kind of peace for those that undertake it.