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April 29, 2018

A Sense Of Intuition

Intuition is having the ability to know what is going to happen before it does...not ESP necessarily, but a gut feeling of what is going to occur...without having any kind of hard, inside information is considered to be a non-paranormal ability to decipher the very essence of a situation...this is done by instinctive feelings rather than coming to any sort of rational purely rational or intellectual analysis of any kind...and often without having the foggiest notion of how such knowledge came to was just a ‘feeling’ that led you to having an idea of what is about to happen...ESP is something more that lies in the paranormal world and can be repeatedly done by certain individuals with mystical ‘powers’...there is a saying “a woman’s intuition” but such a thing is not limited to can have intuition as just know that something to going to happen…call it luck, call it a good guess, call it what you will, but intuition really isn’t all that rare...most likely you have had that feeling at least a time or two during your life...of course, intuition isn’t always right...there are cases when one has been led astray by a false intuitive feeling...sometimes expertise is called for rather than a feeling of fact the best of both worlds combines a feeling of intuition with a careful analysis.