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March 16, 2018

The Evil Eye

The term ‘evil eye’ comes from the belief that some people are able to cause misfortune to others merely by glaring at them in a malevolent may seem silly to some, but there are talismans that are used to ward off an evil eye everybody gets a dirty look now and then, and sometimes we may even deserve it...but we usually think little of it and go on about our way...however in many places, belief in "the evil eye" is taken quite seriously, and requires immediate action to avoid any harm...the supernatural harm that may occur may come by way of a minor misfortune... or a serious disease, injury...maybe even something more sinister like death...but is it really possible that such ill will could be directed at someone by simply glaring at them?...can such a power be conjured up by a person and sent to the unfortunate receiver?...well, we sometimes can feel someone’s eyes on us...maybe at a party, or at’s an odd feeling but we simply know that someone is staring at us...we can just feel their eyes on given that line of thinking, why couldn’t someone send some kind of power the same way?...if you believe in the power of metta which is sending good thoughts and wishes to someone so that they may benefit, then the ability to send bad thoughts and wishes to someone surely is possible.