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March 8, 2018

Prayer (Does It Work?)

There are many who believe in the power of prayer...but not all prayer is directed toward a deity as is usually the case...some people are surprised to learn that many Buddhists pray everyday...but why would they?...buddhists do not pray to a God, but they do have devotional meditation practices which could be compared to praying...radiating loving-kindness to all living beings is a practice which is believed to benefit those beings...for example, one may pray that all beings are blessed with happiness. It does not matter if no one else hears this prayer...the important part is that I hear it...if I perform a sincere prayer, this prayer practice helps to build and reinforce compassion within myself...prayer in Buddhism is not to anyone or is an expression of a is my understanding that the Tibetan word that is generally translated as "prayer" actually means literally "Wish Path."...a wish path is for expressing our intentions to benefit all beings by attaining Buddha-hood, or other enlightened activity...those who pray are not calling upon higher powers to affect this for us as much as we are calling upon our own minds to be open to such...prayers are more for the person that is doing them for the person that is "receiving" them...prayers can be very powerful, but such power does not come from outside solely comes from inside ourselves, namely from one’s is often called ‘metta’...Tibetan Buddhists often use prayer flags, flags that are prayed upon and then the wind takes the prayers from the flag and disperses them all over the in the religious world, does prayer really work?...sometimes things are prayer for and they occur...other times they don’t as some prayers are answered and the answer is no...there always seems to be a reason rationalized by some when that happens…”It’s in God’s hands”, or “God works in strange ways”...prayer seems to be hit or miss.