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March 12, 2018


What is an illusion? is something that is or is likely to be interpreted or perceived wrongly by the senses...such as an optical illusion...we’ve all seen them in books and probably at least one time in our life experienced them...such as seeing a mirage like people crossing the desert...or maybe when you’re driving down a road on a sunny day and there appears to be water in front of you on the road...but when you get there the water has ‘magically’ disappeared...that always spooked me when I was a child...there are many ways an illusion car occur, it can be a natural illusion or something that is manufactured, usually with bad intent...hallucination, a figment of the imagination, the aforementioned mirage, an apparition, or other a sleight of hand trick, such as magicians perform... a deceptive appearance or can be something intentionally set up to give a false impression...sometimes, people are the victim of their own illusions about things...delusions might be more accurate in some can be one or a series of false ideas or beliefs...illusions can be harmless or fun, or they can be dangerous...if we understand why the illusion is taking place, we can keep from getting caught up in any web that it tries to trap us in.