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March 4, 2018

Flashing Before Your Eyes

Sometimes when a person has a near-death experience...perhaps they are driving along when another car crosses the yellow line and it appears they will have a head-on collision, you will hear the phrase, “My life flashed before my eyes”...but is that really possible?...can one’s life actually materialize in the form of an image and make itself appear to someone?...many people have said that when faced with circumstances of intense threat or duress, their life has indeed passed before their eyes...sometimes it is described as instantaneous...other times, a few seconds may pass while this is occurring...of course there are always those who scoff as such a you may know, we only use a small percentage of our brains and thus our mind isn’t totally used either...perhaps in these circumstances, the adrenaline generated during these situations unlocks the locked doors of the mind, and indeed maybe many, many images of our lives do rush through our mind at that time...more than we are capable of ‘seeing’ ordinarily...just an idea anyway...many report the happening as a moment of great transformation...experiencers often lose their materialistic outlook...they will develop an intensified compassion for others and will feel a great sense of interconnectedness...they will develop a strong sense of spirituality and perhaps undergo profound personality changes...we may not be able to explain how such a thing can occur, but with so many reporting this phenomena, how can we dismiss it?