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February 4, 2018

Supernatural vs. Paranormal

The term supernatural is often used to describe those things which cannot be explained in a rational manner and are often attributed to some kind of religious connection or intervention...or certain things that have been claimed to exist...such things which cannot be explained by the laws of nature…examples of supernatural things can be the invocation of magic, the existence of devils, demons or angels, gods, or legendary creatures...therefore it can be said that the supernatural pertains to things that do not exist in nature,...things that seemingly can only be attributed to powers that go beyond what are termed natural forces...or perhaps to a God or some kind of’ll hear the phrase “the devil’s work”, or that “an angel was looking out for me”...heaven and hell can be said to be beliefs that fall under the realm of the supernatural...whereas paranormal refers to the supposed occurrence, event, or perception that goes without any type of scientific ESP for example...or something that is attributed and said to be beyond normal explanation...which may include something that may occur outside the normal sensory other words ‘extrasensory’...they are things that are not scientifically explainable, therefore often looked at skeptically...ghosts would be seen as a paranormal occurrence since their ‘appearance’ usually has nothing to do with anything that is connected with religion...nor does other paranormal events such as seances, clairvoyance, or other related things.