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February 16, 2018


Autoscopy is the feeling of being able to feel that though one is separate from one’s is quite similar to an out of body experience...which of course some people experience when they are near death...they feel as though their spirit is floating effortlessly above it all...their taking it all in as people are working on their body trying to save their life...they feel totally distanced from their actual body...but some people are able to ‘divorce’ their spirit from their body and do the same thing during their everyday life...most people are too within themselves to be able to do this, but some people can separate themselves and observe themselves as they go through their’s like going outside on a winter day...most will go through the motions without any thought of what they are actually fact, they are lost in their thoughts...but there are others who truly experience things...almost as though they watching a movie of themselves...doing and while doing that they can ‘see’ themselves...walking...‘see’ themselves shoveling the sidewalk, see their breath and become immersed in what they are doing, even as they ‘watch’ some people might think that doing such a thing would lessen the personal experience of life, but many feel it only enhances it...this includes being able to ‘see’ themselves interacting with others, and by doing this feel that they have a greater control.