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January 23, 2018


Misanthropy is a general dislike or even hatred of humans and their nature…I always thought it was somewhat of a mystery that some people can be so gregarious and glib and people loving (or at least pretend to be), while others have a dislike of their fellow nature that can be quite intense (and can be hard to hide)…therefore, the person who fits into this category is called a misanthrope…misanthropes dislike, have a distrust and contempt of the people around them…sometimes it’s a learned behavior, but could genetics possibly have something to do with it?…often with good reason...what ‘symptoms’ might a misanthrope have or what do they feel?...first of all, I wouldn’t consider them symptoms at all…symptoms describe a condition of sickness and misanthropy isn’t a sickness at all in my book…usually, they are more sensible than the ‘average’ person…they look on in disgust at the trivial nature of people and their silliness…misanthropes will look upon people as being idiots…they prefer to spend time by themselves instead of with others as they prefer solitude than being surrounded by yammering fools…they often suffer from road rage caused by the antics of people who drive like ‘morons’...they are fluent in sarcasm…they scoff at people who call them misanthropes and think they have some kind of social disorder…like they really care what anybody thinks about them anyway.